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  • Keeping Your Organization Funded and Viable in the Changing Economy

Keeping Your Organization Funded and Viable in the Changing Economy

Thursday, October 27, 2016
1:30 - 3:00 CST

"What do you do when the Board’s work agenda and metrics do not align with the new realities of the global economy?"

"What if the largest funders of your organization won't even be in business in five years?"

"What if you aren't measuring the biggest job growth segment in your local economy? - We'd bet you aren't."

Explore with us how peers are using information as a force multiplier and flanking maneuvers to reshape leadership’s understanding of what succeeds in economic development.

Economic Development and Chambers of Commerce professionals are painfully aware of the challenges they face with maintaining and/or growing the funding needed to support their missions. Many are aware the Board’s agenda and metrics do not align with current economic realities. Long-term, they are a prescription for failure.

Most organizations receive a significant amount of their funding from financial institutions, energy companies, the public sector, and local businesses engaged in health care, development, retail and media/entertainment. Yet, the new economy and impact of innovative disruption on these sectors are causing considerable uncertainty not only for companies in these industries, but also the funding they provide your organization.

In addition, the changing dynamics of the workforce has brought about significant challenges in how business development organizations measure three of the biggest metrics investors fund your organization to accomplish:

  • Jobs
  • Capital Investment 
  • New office/industrial space 

This month's Pro Learning Lab focuses on the impact these rapidly changing backdrops have on current and future funding of your organization and outdated strategies. A frontal attack on the Board’s directives is suicidal. Probe strategies used by leading peers to align programs, economic realities, and pump up funding.

Bring your questions. Bring your team. Don’t miss this opportunity to consider your community’s economic future.

Date: October 27th, 2016
Time: 1:30 PM CT
Run Time: 90 Minutes; 60 min. presentations; 30 min Q&A with discussion

Mark Nolte
President of the Iowa City Area Development Group, Mark Nolte has been working to help Iowa companies and entrepreneurs for the past 15 years. A native Iowan, Mark believes sees a bright future for economic development IF we continue to innovate and support each other. In his career, Nolte has focused heavily on entrepreneurship. He was the force behind the nation’s first economic development co-working entrepreneurial space. An amateur futurist, Mark watches global trends to help inform the Iowa’s Creative Corridor multi-faceted approach to economic development.

Joe Raso
Joe Raso is president of Blane, Canada Ltd., a leading economic development management-consulting firm. For two decades, Raso has been the executive leader of non-profit economic development and chamber of commerce organizations. Most recently, he served as CEO of the Colorado Springs Colorado Regional Business Alliance. His organizations have been recognized for leadership and innovation at the local, regional, and national levels for programs like Iowa’s first certified site program and the nation’s first economic development-led co-working entrepreneurial space with Nolte.

Questions?  Contact:

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