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Skilled Iowa an Important Economic Development Tool



The question of whether a community will have an adequate number of qualified workers is always a consideration for a company looking to locate in a community or expand there. 
The Skilled Iowa Initiative seeks to help assure new and existing employers they can find the workers they need in a particular area of the state, making the program a key element for the growth of Iowa jobs. 
The program encourages Iowa workers to earn a National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) by taking a test measuring important workplace skills. The level of certificate they are awarded – platinum, gold, silver or bronze – helps indicate the types of jobs they are qualified to hold. Those who want to upgrade the level of certificate they hold can receive additional training from providers around the state. 
When a community or region has a critical mass of workers who have earned the certificate, it can give employers confidence they will be able to find the skilled workers they need in a particular location. 
That is why the Skilled Iowa Initiative is encouraging economic development professionals around the state to support the program and promote its benefits to workers and businesses locally. Together, we can make sure Iowa workers are ready for the jobs of the future and that they are matched with employers that need their skills. 
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