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National Expert in Tourism & Business Development to Present June 7

Roger Brooks, President and CEO of Destination Development International, will conduct an opportunity assessment of Pella, Knoxville, Pleasantville and the Red Rock Area in early June. Findings and suggestions from his visit will be presented at a workshop on Friday, June 7, 2013. The workshop will also include information on branding. Roger is one of North America’s most respected experts in the creation of a great destination for tourism and business. He has guided communities in branding, product development, marketing and revitalization.

Hundreds of thousands of people come into our county each year to visit, consider business investment, weigh career opportunities and find a place to retire. Roger will share his insights on opportunities that are being missed and gaps that hinder growth. To learn more about Destination Development International go to www.destinationdevelopment.com.

“Many of our tourism professionals who have seen the results Roger Brooks has brought to other communities have came together to make this opportunity assessment possible because they understand how critical this can be for our future,” explained Carla Eysink, MCDC Executive Director. “Understanding how to approach key opportunities is a critical factor in keeping this area’s economy growing. Roger’s approach is not a plan that sits on a shelf, but instead he provides small incremental achievable action steps from his analysis and expertise that different partners can take to dynamically focus on key opportunities.”

The workshop will begin with registration at 7 a.m. and the workshop from 7:30-11 a.m. on Friday, June 7 in Pella. Individuals with interests in community development, real estate, human resources, business, tourism, recreation, marketing and economic development are encouraged to attend. This workshop is presented by the Pella Convention & Visitors Bureau, Knoxville Raceway and Marion County Development Commission in partnership with local sponsors: Central College, Knoxville Chamber of Commerce, Marion County Community Foundation, Marion County Conservation Board, MidAmerican Energy, Pella Chamber of Commerce, City of Pleasantville, Pleasantville Chamber of Commerce, Pleasantville State Bank, Central Iowa Tourism Region, Molengracht-Royal Amsterdam Hotel, National Sprint Car Hall of Fame & Museum and the Red Rock Lake Association.

Registration information for the workshop will be available March 1. If you are interested in receiving registration information please contact the Marion County Development Commission at carla@redrockarea.com.

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