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Iowa DNR Chapter 133 Discussion

From Rick Allely, PDI's Representative to the Iowa DNR Committee

Blake Birkel, PE in our Environmental Department and myself attended the Chapter 133 meeting at the Iowa DNR with a total of 38 people attending the meeting.  The discussion was very productive and a number of issues were identified and recorded by DNR staff.  The decision was made to organize three subgroups to review policy, technical, and overall consistency aspects of the proposed rule changes. Blake agreed to serve on the technical group while I agreed to serve on the overall consistency aspects committee. 

The intent of the technical committee is to look at risk assessment as it relates to the rules while the policy committee will be looking at the definition and reporting requirements.  The group I am participating in, will be responsible for the consistency and usefulness of the changes.

The technical and policy committees will be meeting on May 24th for their first work sessions.  Bob Drustrup at the DNR suggested if others are interested in volunteering for any or all of the subgroups and have not already done so, please let him know.  Bob can be reached at 515-281-8900 Information on the rulemaking changes is available on the Chapter 133 rulemaking web page:


The DNR's plans are to keep the web page updated with new developments.   My quick and dirty summary is that anyone with potential Brownfield sites, development sites that may have environmental issues, and/or existing companies that may be looked at as environmentally sensitive (ex. power plants, foundries, grain and chemical handling facilities, etc.) should pay close attention and follow these changes closely.  TO date the Iowa DNR has been very willing to work with communities and companies and has looked to be a partner in finding agreeable solutions.  The current staff and thoughts at the DNR would not lead me to believe there would be any changes in that position.


For more information, contact RICK L. ALLELY, CEcD Business Development Manager, JEO CONSULTING GROUP INC

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