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Happy 40th Anniversary PDI - From Debi Durham

Debi DurhamThank you for inviting the Iowa Economic Development Authority to extend its congratulations to Professional Developers of Iowa for this huge milestone. It is no small feat to serve as a member organization for 40 years. Economic development professionals know full well how much has changed within that time and how challenging it is to shepherd a community, region or state through those changes.

Over the last 40 years, we’ve seen the invention of the Internet and the upheaval of how we do business. We’ve seen the globalization of the marketplace and the transformation of industry.  In Iowa alone, economic developers have led the way through the inflation of the 70’s, the farm crises of the 80’s, the Dot.Com bubble of the early 2000’s and the Great Recession starting in 2008. In that same time, we’ve seen generations mature, witnessed the turning of a millennium, and championed the investments across our state that have changed the skylines and the countryside. We’ve seen the transformative construction in Des Moines and Cedar Rapids, riverfront developments in Clinton, Charles City and Sioux City, and the mesmerizing wind farms that now dot the landscape in between. 

PDI has been the organization at the heart of it all—informing its membership, advocating for growth, defending against forces that would stymie that growth, and championing the strength of the private sector, as well as the appropriate resources at the public sector. 

IEDA values the PDI organization tremendously for its advocacy, leadership, professional development and mentoring that is conducted by and offered to each of its members. As we work to grow the state’s economy for the coming decades, we know there will be challenges to face. We will meet these head-on and together. Congratulations to PDI for its inspiring 40 years. Here’s to the success yet to come.

Debi Durham

Director of the Iowa Economic Development Authority 


Written by Debi Durham
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