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Partner With the Business Concierge to Connect Businesses with Information

The Business Concierge, a program of UNI’s MyEntre.Net, wants to share their services with you! Since 2011, the Business Concierge has been working with small business owners across Iowa to provide free market research and high quality referrals.  In the past 3 years we have served over 1000 clients with information to help start and grow their businesses. To learn more about the Business Concierge, click here.

This year we have created a web portal that can be placed onto partner websites to allow for quick and easy access to the Iowa Business Concierge.  The portal can be placed into any existing website at no cost.  Once it is placed the business owners can get market research information from the Business Concierge without ever leaving your website.  Each time the portal is used, you will be connected with them to help start, grow, or expand their business in your area.

The Cherokee Area Economic Development was the first to implement this new feature. Check it on their website! http://www.cherokeeia.com/index.php?pageid=737562746f7069635f69643a3438

To bring the Iowa Business Concierge to your website; please contact Patrick Luensmann by phone at 319-273-4335 or by email at Patrick.Luensmann@uni.edu.

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