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Help PDI Spread the Good Word about Iowa Development

Professional Developers of Iowa is dedicated to spreading the good word about Iowa and its business environment. Now we’re asking PDI members to help us help you by following these three easy steps.

Add PDI to your media distribution list—There’s a lot of great stuff going on in your organizations and communities. Please go to your media distribution list right now and add info@pdiowa.com so that we receive your press releases. We’ll share the best stories from around our state with more than 300 fellow PDI members via the PDI Post and with ### people who follow us on social media.

Proclaim your PDI membership to the world—You’re a proud PDI member. Let everyone know by mentioning PDI in your press releases and other official communications. We’ve made it simple for you by providing the language: "Jane Doe is a member of the Professional Developers of Iowa, a voluntary group of economic development professionals dedicated to building the economy of Iowa. Learn more at www.pdiowa.com."

Add a PDI link to your website, professional profiles (LinkedIn, etc.), and email sig—The larger our organization, the bigger our impact on development in our state. Help grow our profile and membership by including a link to www.pdiowa.org on your web site, professional profiles and in your email signature.

PDI—Vision, Action, Growth.

Founded in 1973, with current membership of over 320, PDI is an organization dedicated to advancing the professionalism of its members through a wide range of programs and services. As an association, PDI provides professional training that helps its members do a better job for their community. PDI creates an atmosphere of support and offers an instant network of seasoned experts for local professionals to seek advice and support.

Learn more about PDI at www.pdiowa.com, www.facebook.com/ProfessionalDevelopersOfIowa and www.twitter.com/pdiowa .

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