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DRAFT of Workforce Housing Rules

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Click here for a DRAFT copy of the proposed Workforce Housing Tax Credit administrative rules that will be presented to the Iowa Economic Development Authority Board on August 22, 2014. The proposed rules are based on House File 2448 passed this legislative session that replaces the Housing Enterprise Zone program. If approved the IEDA Board, the proposed administrative rules will be formally published for the public input process. By providing these draft rules prior to formally starting the rule making process we hope to collect input in a more timely fashion to keep the rules process moving and have the program up and running as soon as possible.


Please remember the following as you review the proposed administrative rules:


  • · The attached rules are in DRAFT form. They will not become a formal proposal until adopted by the IEDA Board. They will then enter a formal public input period.
  • · This is a public document. Although we will do not have plans to post the draft rules to our website, you are still encouraged to share and discuss the draft rules with other interested parties. The proposed rules will be posted to the IEDA website after approval by the IEDA Board.
  • · Please compare the draft rules to actual legislation (HF 2448, Division II). You will notice that Code has been copied verbatim into the draft rules. The only additions into draft rule are key definitions and further explanation of key program elements. Rule cannot contradict Code or extend Code beyond the intent of the original legislation.
  • · WRITTEN comments on these draft rules will be accepted through August 15, 2014, to ensure adequate time for compilation and review prior to the IEDA Board meeting. Please hold any comments after this date until the IEDA Board has formally adopted and published the proposed rules. Comments after this time will be included as record in the official public input process. Comments may be emailed directly to me at jeremy.babcock@iowa.gov
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