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Investing in Local Food Infrastructure Open Meeting

Learn How Investing in Local Food Infrastructure Can Build Healthy and Vibrant Communities

Attend an open meeting hosted by the Regional Food Systems Working Group (RFSWG) and the Iowa Food Systems Council (IFSC) regarding the challenges and opportunities for growing fresh food processing businesses in Iowa. These statewide organizations host quarterly meetings with the purpose of providing an open forum for a diverse group to gather, strategize and develop solutions for rebuilding the local food system.

The Regional Food Systems Working Group and the Iowa Food Systems Council are concerned over the lack of processing facilities in Iowa for small and medium sized producers of both produce, poultry and livestock. Accessible, regional processing of fresh farm produce, poultry and livestock is a missing link in the Iowa food system value chain. Processing provides an opportunity for farmers to extend the value of their crop, access new markets and diversify their farm operation, all of which contributes to a stable income. Consumers also miss out on access to shelf stable produce and fresh meats from our neighboring farmers. 

Guest speakers will share their story and perspective on value added processing in Iowa. The morning session will open with the owner and operators of two new processing businesses, Story City Locker and Iowa Choice Harvest. They will be followed by a presentation from Laura Krouse of Abbe Hills Farm on needs and recommendations collected direct from local farmers. You will also learn more about a recent IFSC project, which created resources for and facilitated new business development in fresh food processing. 

Date: Friday, March 14, 2014
Time: 9:30am - 3:30pm, lunch provided at 12noon
Location: Des Moines Public Library, Central location
1000 Grand Avenue, Des Moines
Lunch provided.

In the case of a inclement weather, the meeting will be held at the same time and location in April 2014, with the exact dates to be provided in a follow‐up notice.

Parking suggestions are attached. Direct questions and comments to Jessica Burtt Fogarty at 319-333-2522 or rfswgiowa@gmail.com.

See the attached document for parking suggestions.




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