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PDI Post President's Message August 29, 2016

President's Message

Wayne Pantini, CEcD
PDI President

We are about a month away to when our membership annually convenes for the Fall PDI Conference. We are excited to be in Ft. Dodge this year. This month I want to take a moment to highlight some of the great breakout sessions that being offered.

First, there will be a session on engaging your elected officials. This session will include best practices from a broad panel of individuals who will provide tips and strategies on how to garner support for projects and initiatives from elected officials. They are a key part of success in a community. 

Another great session will be learning how to incorporate social media in your marketing efforts. This tool is ever increasing in use to attract employees, showcase community amenities and gauge the pulse of a community. Come learn how to improve your efforts or start a new campaign in your community. And finally, don't forget about the rolling bus tour of Ft. Dodge. The community has been hard at work to reinvent itself and have created a unique shared site investment opportunity to promote and grow their industrial development efforts. You won't want to miss this.

List of Things to Do While You're at the Fall Conference:

  • Meet a new PDI member — they will be wearing white ribbons. Introduce yourself and ask how it's going or invite them to join you at your table. You remember when you were new, right?
  • Visit the exhibitors — these are the organizations and people who support economic development in our state. Learn about a new service!
  • Attend Committee meetings over Thursday's breakfast — great way to get involved with PDI!
  • Think of a questions you want to ask Governor Branstad or Lt. Governor Reynolds — they will be with us for Thursday's lunch.
  • Get motivated about the award recipients — these are the people who have given back to their professional association.
  • Experience Fort Dodge — "find your adventure" and contact the CVB in advance. The reason PDI chose Fort Dodge is all the great things this community has done to reinvent itself and make it a global competitor.
  • Chat up your colleagues — networking is the #1 reason people belong to PDI!
  • Pick your breakout session — many of you haven't made your choices so figure that out ahead of time.
  • Keep your notepad close by — jot down the three take-away you're going to do when you get home.
  • Practice your singing — the dueling pianos are going to require participation.

See you in Ft. Dodge!

Wayne Pantini
CEcD, PDI President


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