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Did You Know?

When your mission is… Professional Developers of Iowa, Inc., is a voluntary group of professional economic development personnel affiliated for the purpose of furthering the development of the economic base of the State of Iowa – it’s the last part of that sentence can conjure up all kinds of meanings.  Economic development is a competitive business and long ago, the PDI Board of Directors agreed that the following code of ethics was established to ensure a high ethical standard for those involved in economic development.  New members are required to sign it when they join but everyone should be reminded that we all raise the bar when we act ethically. 

The following principles constitute the PDI Code of Ethics

1. Members will establish and maintain standards of conduct that go beyond the requirements of law. 

2. Members will carry out all activities in a manner becoming of and bringing honor to the good reputation of the profession, PDI, the entity they represent, and the State of Iowa.

3. Members will be honest and straightforward in all agreements, transactions, promises services, and delivery of services. 

4. Members pledge to maintain confidentiality, with particular attention to proprietary information received during the provision of services. 

5. Members pledge to maintain the spirit of fairness in competition and to help eradicate any deceptions or comments that violate the spirit. 

6. Members have a duty to avoid conflict of interest and all appearances of conflict. 

7. Members agree to cooperate with fellow PDI members in informal exchanges of information and ideas reflecting practices, procedures, trends, and policy pertaining to economic development not withstanding the maintenance of confidentiality with proprietary information. 

8. Members pledge to consider long-term economic issues, environmental issues, and impact on natural and human resources in dealing with specific projects, policies, or procedures. 

9. Members will not initiate recruiting of a company located in another Iowa community. 

10. Members will promote community/organization or the area being represented, first. In the event a company’s needs cannot be met, members will try to meet the needs somewhere in the state. 

11. Members shall not engage in any use of PDI identity in lobbying on any issue without prior authority of the Legislative Committee. 

12. Members shall be objective in dealing with prospects and shall not make derogatory remarks about another member, community, or entity, nor shall a member tell another member, community, or entity what they can or cannot offer a prospect. 

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