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Presidential Post - September 5, 2017

President's Message
Mark Reinig, CEcD, PDI President

Mark Reinig, CEcD
PDI President

Top 10 Reasons to Attend the 2017 Fall Conference

10. Because you said that ‘lack of leadership – local, state and federal levels' is one of your top three greatest challenges.

9. You're one of the new kids on the block and need to learn how to explain TIF, Tax Credits and Tax Reform to your board.

8. Somebody told you about Ron Kitchens from Southwest Michigan First and you thought you better hear what he's got to say.

7. The car full of PDI members coming from your region wasn't quite full yet, so you jumped in.

6. You've decided to take your economic development career to the next level.

5. An elected official in your community wants to know about site development. You said, "I'll tell you all about it after I've been to PDI's conference."

4. If you schedule your time accordingly, you can golf on a beautiful course or shoot trap at an outstanding shooting range.

3. We'll talk about you if you're not there.

2. There are so many people to meet and you want to build your professional network.

1. Cedar Rapids, Marion and the surrounding region have put out the red carpet for you and it's going to be a blast! 

Mark Reinig
CEcD, PDI President 

Written by Mark Reinig
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