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President's Message - August 31, 2018


Carla Eysink
PDI President

Over the next couple of months, there will be scores of people traveling to Iowa City some for the hospitals, some for football and members of PDI for our Fall Conference. We are excited to be in Iowa City this year. I wanted to share with you our playbook for a great educational and networking huddle.

The theme for the conference is Developing Community, People and You. We will kickthings off at the conference with a deep pass keynote focused on how a thriving downtown fits into your recruitment strategies for workforce. From there we will runwith breakout sessions focusing on community marketing, rethinking incentives and arts & culture impacts. 

Our halftime at the Annual Meeting Luncheon will feature 2018 Salary Survey Results and Nate Kaeding interviewing Debi Durham. We will watch a training video, which will focus on igniting conversation about education in America, and inspire you to reimagine your community's educational approach. We will break into special teams for great conversations on bar camp topics and end the drive with a shrimp boil at Big Grove Brewery. 

Next up, we will focus on developing you as an economic development professional player with a session on leadership by Jon Darsee. The final play of the conference will be a closing session by our own Mark Nolte where he will challenge us on looking forward into the future of economic development. You will not want to miss this. 

Do not fumble the ball and forget to register early before Sept. 17 to get the best rate. 

List of TOP 10 Things to Do While You are at the Fall Conference: 

  1. Meet a new PDI member — they will be wearing special ribbons. Introduce yourself and ask how it is going or invite them to join you at your table. You remember when you were new, right?
  2. Visit the exhibitors — these are the organizations and people who support economic development in our state. Learn about a new service!
  3. Attend Committee meetings over Thursday's breakfast — great way to get involved with PDI!
  4. Experience Iowa City — contact the CVB in advance. The reason PDI chose Iowa City is all the great things this community has to offer.
  5. Chat up your colleagues — networking is the #1 reason people belong to PDI!
  6. Sign up for one of the optional activities on Wednesday to meet more members...and have some fun.
  7. Pick your breakout session — many of you have not made your choices so figure that out ahead of time.
  8. Keep your phone or notepad close by — jot down the three take-away you are going to do when you get home.
  9. Invite a board member or city leader to attend the conference with you, so you can gain even more information from all the sessions.
  10. Connect with people from your region to discuss session content and what it means to your efforts.

See you in Iowa City! 

Carla Eysink
PDI President



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