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President's Message - June 30, 2018


Carla Eysink
PDI President

"Leadership is action, not position." - Donald McGannon

The primary reason the Marion County Development Commission spends resources on leadership training, is because our people are the greatest resources we have. Leaders are the ones who find solutions to problems and inspire others to do great things. Today, more than ever we need every person in our state, region, county, community and organization to be guiding us into the future with great leadership skills. Whether you are talking about a community or an organization, the innovation and passion which are the spark of difference come from its people. If your community doesn’t have a leadership program, think about how you can make that happen or how you can connect locals to programs such as Leadership Iowa. 

Over the years, PDI has benefited from great leaders making decision to direct our association into the professional network it is today. Twenty years ago, our association was primarily focused on industrial recruitment. Through leadership, PDI has led our industry by broadening our understanding of how various factors such as workforce, housing, entrepreneurism and existing industry expansion are all parts of economic development.

We will be looking for the next generation of leaders for PDI. Please consider nominating someone from your region, organization…or yourself for the PDI board. It is especially good if the nominee has been involved with a PDI committee or project. We need a broad representation from our membership on the board from all parts of Iowa and various backgrounds. If you have questions about the commitment, please contact either myself or one of the PDI board members. 

Likewise, if you know of someone from your city, chamber, economic development group, elected official or related entities that have interest in economic development or may be new to their position; encourage them to attend the PPP course on July 11. This is a free half-day course that provides great information on partners, resources and background on economic development strategies. People do not need to be a PDI member to attend. It is so much easier to lead initiatives at the local level when key decision makers understand the basics of economic development. 

A final note, please mark your calendar for the Fall Conference, Sept. 26-28 in Iowa City. It will be a thought-provoking time examining how to enhance your community, build the people you need for workforce and develop yourself as an economic development professional focused on the future. Registration information will be coming out in July. 

Carla Eysink
PDI President 

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