PDI Pride

PDI_good _bmp _logoPDI Members - Show your PDI Pride!

12 EASY Ways to Show Your PDI Pride and Get the Most From Your Membership!PDI Banners _capture

  1. Promote PDI — download PDI’s logo from the website and put it in your Email signature or on your website telling your constituency that you are a proud member of PDI.
  2. Request the PDI pop-up banners & materials for your organizational events, annual meeting and such to show the importance of PDI's commitment to economic development. Contact Lynn at director@pdiowa.com to reserve.
  3. Send us your press releases so we can spotlight your successes. Add us to your distribution list at info@pdiowa.com. Add to your press releases that you are a proud member of PDI too!
  4. Volunteer for a committee. Don't think you have the time/availability? Then consider just an hour to two saying you'd help at PDI event (staffing at registration, be the photographer, put out signage, etc.)
  5. Contribute to PDI's publications. Write a newsletter article about how a success story in your community or your work with elected leaders or that you've found a time saving technology.
  6. Write on PDI's blog — start a discussion on how something you have a question about; acknowledge a new program or new staffer in your region; share a new funding source.
  7. Place an ad in PDI's newsletter or on the website — get your message about services your provide to the state's economic development professionals.
  8. PDI Banners _capture2Sponsor a PDI event — network with ED folks and spotlight your organization at one of PDI's premier events or put your company logo on one of the a la carte items.
  9. Share educational events — is your organization or region putting on a seminar, webinar or educational session? Put it out in PDI's newsletter and on the website calendar of events.
  10. Host a legislative roundtable or coffee with your local legislators — Discuss PDI and local development priorities with them (although make sure they understand which are local priorities, and which are PDI priorities). Feel free to give them information from the PDI website and any local information you feel is important.
  11. Attend PDI Events — What better way to learn, network and get your money's worth than to meet with your fellow economic development professionals and have some fun too!
  12. Renew YOUR membership & encourage one of your colleagues to join PDI — PDI is an important voice in economic development and in growing Iowa — thanks for your support!